You Are Here.

Here is a place found by the crossroads of the real, the unreal, and the in-between. You won’t find it on any maps because they’re all outdated. But trust us, it’s there.

“Friends from Here” refers to the various thinking things that live and work around these parts. Most are nice, some aren’t, and others, like Ferris Lever (pictured here), are enigmas even to themselves.

We’re glad you’re Here.

It’s been a while. You might not remember now, but you’ve been Here before, too many times to count. It’s good to see you again. Some of us are exactly where you left us. Like Ferris Lever. (Never change, Ferris.) Others have definitely changed since you last knew them, so much that you probably wouldn’t…

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Prints and More are Coming Soon.

Keep an eye on the shop, we hear some friends are about to move in. In the meantime, see what’s new below.