You are here. They are too.


What is Here?

Here is a place inspired by the real world. It is almost the same as the “here” we know, but not quite. At times, you might not even be able to tell the difference from “Here” and here, or “Here” and there. Some days it’s all interchangeable. And other days, the here you know and the “Here” that lives just behind our world couldn’t be more distinct. Whether you’re a longtime resident of Here or if you’ve long been looking for a route to get there, there’s a place for you. Thanks for being Here.

Where is Here?

Still working on the answer. No leads yet. See Sandy Quagmire’s current research on where Here is on a cosmic and quantum scale.

What kind of people live there?

Lots of kinds of people. Some (arguably) not people at all, some somewhere in-between the lines of “person” and “sentient bog.” Most very pleasant and worth getting to know–a few on the quieter side, but with intriguing philosophical ideas. Many with exhausting political opinions, several with no opinions at all. A handful are absolutely the worst, but they’re just people.

Are we Here right now?

Yes…yes we are.

(If you just got Here and are wondering what to do next, come on in, the water’s fine.)