Friends From Here is an ongoing illustrated series that explores the everyday lives of the various real, unreal and in-between “thinking things” that live Here. Where Here is is still open for debate. In some ways, Here is entirely up to you–or me–or the disembodied them–we’re Here too. There’s no way around it.

Here are two folx that live Here. Devin and Lyle. They’re great.

Where is Here? Do you know?

Some people that live Here are as distinct from you or I as a person can be. Some probably wouldn’t agree to even being classified as a “person.” That’s their prerogative. We’ve all got one.

Why Here? Why not There?

We could ask that of a lot of situations, couldn’t we? Why you, and not me? Why now, not then? Why do we even have a dichotomous structure about so many things in the first place?

Here is a place of questions. So very many questions…or so I’ve learned.

I’m Destiny. I write and illustrate Friends From Here. While the shape, name and nature of the series has changed over the years, the intention has stayed the same. To provide an inside look at the daily lives of the thinking things that call Here home.

If you’ve been Here for a while, thank you and “hi” again. If you’ve just arrived, one thing to know upfront is that Here is a place that thrives off difference. Not a one person, place or sentient frying-pan is the same. And if you can count on anything while you’re Here, count on change.

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