That isn’t Gumly, the famed merchant sailor who trekked across the Greater Pacific in search of Shane McMyrtle’s Forgotten Gold only to discover a long cast-off pizza box containing the Doubloons of Immortality.

No, the fellow hiding behind Gumly’s Stump is Chester B. Alwens, and he’s been hiding there for three whole days. We’ve tried to tell him that he should get out more, that there’s plenty of other stumps in the world, but he won’t listen.

Chester showed up in Here on a rainy Tuesday afternoon and has been in search of a place to plant roots ever since. He saw that the stump was sturdy and unoccupied, and that was enough.

He feels quite at home.

And that’s saying something, because for Chester, home has always been something of a pipe dream. The kind of sanctuary other people had, not him.

It’s true, eventually someone else may come along and there will undoubtedly be a real estate squabble over the stump, and Chester may utter some choice words in defense of his ownership. It could get messy.

But for now, Gumly’s Stump knows only Chester.

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